Fee Payment Instructions New

1. Fee will be deposited in Federal bank, kair through cheque, cash or online.

2. The first three months(April,May & June) fees to be paid before 31st May.

3. The next three months(July,August&September) fees to be paid before 31st August.

4. Fee for October,November and December can be paid by 30th of November.

5. Fee for January,February and March can be paid by 29th of February.

6. If failing to pay the fee by the given date, the bank will charge you Rs-20/- for every month.

7. Payment should be drawn in favour of “NOTRE DAME SCHOOL”

8. kindly mention the name,admission no.,class and mobile number on the reverse side of the cheque leaf.

9. Final results will not be issued until all the due fees upto March is paid by 29th of February.

10. In case the fee book is lost Rs 50/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate fee book.

11. If the cheque bounces rupees 200/- will be charged from the Parents.